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Look at the Local Process.

Anastasia Beschi

Please, take a look at our work process in the European market. The scheme below provides the step-by-step instructions for establishing contact with our clients or clients of partners inside the European Union (the dates below are only an example).

Please note that:

  • the subscription price does not include the organisation of a date
  • by mutual agreement we just arrange a meeting between the interested candidates and give you advice on how best to organise your first date

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Our agency disassociates itself from any illegal activity including prostitution and human trafficking.


2 JANUARY 2018

Free relationship meeting For us: to more clearly understand your intentions about finding your soulmate. The interview process will help us to know more about your personality and your relationship experience.
For you: it’s the moment when you can ask all of the questions you have about our work and understand if you are ready to entrust your personal life to a professional matchmaker.


5 JANUARY 2018

As soon as you are ready to join our Agency, the contract will be signed according to the membership you have chosen. We provide a “cooling off” period. This means you have between 7 and 14 days to change your decision without incurring any financial penalties. We also provide a partial payment option.


30 JANUARY 2018

In accordance with our policies access to personal information of our clients is strictly limited. We only introduce candidates who have maximum compatibility with you and who have passed the screening interview that allow us to evaluate personal, emotional and even body language factors that are usually lost during online dating.


12 FEBRUARY 2018

When both sides confirm their interest in meeting each other we share their contacts and leave them to organise the first date. Sometimes people don’t want their contacts to be shared before personal contact in the Agency. In that case we can organize a 30 minutes Skype call.


13 FEBRUARY 2018

After the date, your matchmaker, in the role of independent third party consults both candidates privately. The objective of this phase is to avoid misunderstandings that possibly could happen between parties during their first date and to identify the shared values needed to move forward together in the future. If the choice has been made you can take a break and suspend your contract (twice for up to three months).

Still have questions? Have a look at our FAQ.
You find Europe too small? Please consider our Russia membership.