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Look at the Russian Process.

Anastasia Beschi

Please, take a look at our work process of our agency on the Russian market. The scheme below provides a step-by-step instruction for developing better relationships between our clients or those of our partners in the Russian Federation (the dates below are only an example). Please note that the price of the Russia Membership package includes the following:

  • Invitation and the visa assistance
  • Accompaniment of up to 7 days in the Russian Federation, providing transfers, translators if necessary and other demands (help with lost luggage, tickets exchange, etc.).
  • Accommodation for up to 7 days
  • Organisation of the dates with ladies (up to maximum 10)

We are not a travel agency, and therefore we do not make reservations of tickets and hotels, so the Russian Membership does not include the plane tickets or other travel and visa costs.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Our agency disassociates itself from any illegal activity including prostitution and human trafficking.


2 JANUARY 2018

Free relationship meeting For us: to more clearly understand your intentions about finding your soulmate. The interview process will help us to know more about your personality and your relationship experience. For you: it’s the moment when you can ask all of the questions you have about our work and understand if you are ready to entrust your personal life to a professional matchmaker.


5 JANUARY 2018

As soon as you are ready to join our Agency the contract will be signed according to the Membership you have chosen. We provide a “cooling off period”. This means you have 14 days to change your decision without incurring any financial penalties. We also provide a partial payment option. During your time for reflection you will be given a 7-days limited access to our pool of women in the Russian Federation. When your decision is confirmed you can consult our database until your contract is expired.


30 JANUARY 2018

In accordance with our policies access to personal information of our clients is strictly limited. We only introduce candidates who have maximum compatibility with you and who have passed the screening interview that allows us to evaluate personal, emotional and even body language factors that are usually lost during online dating.


15 FEBRUARY 2018

When both sides confirm their interest in meeting each other we organise a minimum 30 min Skype call. The number of skype calls is unlimited as are correspondences with translations if necessary. The number of candidates you can choose to correspond with is also unlimited, but use of the Agency's time for several correspondences will be subject to reasonable use and time available to the Agency to assist. Our Policy as well as those of our partners, forbid us to share any direct contact details between candidates until their first meeting in Europe or in Russia.


2 MAY 2018

As a rule, you have 3-6 months between the start of your membership and your trip to Russia, so you have to take care in planning your leave. When the decision is made, we attentively plan all your future dates in Russia and help you to obtain a visa.


17 JULY 2018

As soon as you arrive in the Russian Federation, our matchmakers will meet you at the airport and will take care of your accommodation.
According to your personal dating plan you will proceed with each interview with the ladies at the office of our partners. During this screening process the Agency Matchmaker will always be available for discussions and will help you to make the right decision.


25 JULY 2018

After your return to your country of residence you can take as much time as you need to understand if your soulmate is the women you met in Russia. No one will force you to make any decisions. It’s up to you to decide whether to continue the relationship or not. But if you realise that there is something magical between both of you, we will willingly help you to organise your next meetings (no matter if you decide to go to Russia again or if you invite your soulmate to your country). We also will be happy to help you with a marriage visa. In which case no any additional fees are required.

Still have questions? Have a look at our FAQ.