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Professional Matchmaking.

Anastasia Beschi

Do you very often hear that matchmaking agencies are outdated and expensive? Do you often hear that they have a very limited network and the result is rarely positive.
In the table below we try to debunk the myths responsible for the poor image of matchmaking agencies by comparing them to online dating sites.

Online dating

Illusions The choice is bigger when using online dating.

Reality Not really. Try to remove everyone who does not correspond to your criteria. Pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to their life values, habits etc. You see now that you don’t know whom to remove.

Professional matchmaking

Illusions The choice of the matchmaker’s candidates is limited by the circle of their clients.

Reality The matchmaker is the person who always develops his network. He has access to many databases of other reliable matchmakers.

Online dating

Illusions Online dating is inexpensive. It’s cheap and simple to access.

Reality After a dozen pointless dates you will understand that you have spent much more than you would have done, had you used a matchmaking service.

Professional matchmaking

Illusions Matchmaking costs are simply too high.

Reality It’s true that the matchmaker cannot work for you for free. But the amount you spend, which initially seems huge, is worth the time saved and the stress removed.

Online dating

Illusions I know enough about people and I can make the difference between fake and real accounts. It depends a lot on the chosen website.

Reality Whatever site you’ve chosen, you can’t be sure about the reality of the profiles and the intentions of the users.

Professional matchmaking

Illusions Matchmaker services are only used by insecure losers, who don't know how to arrange their personal lives.

Reality It’s true that sometimes some people who are not able to arrange theirs personal lives ask for help from a matchmaker. And as a rule, the higher the professional position of the person in question, the more assistance they need in arranging their daily lives.

Online dating

Illusions I know many people who have met their soulmates using online dating.

Reality Us too. But please ask them how many dates they went of before having met each other?

Professional matchmaking

Illusions Matchmaking is not effective. They make money from people's emotions.

Reality The aim of every serious matchmaker is to find a match for you and to be sure that people are happy. It's not a secret that every matchmaker is interested in developing his network, but the only way for them to do that is to introduce a successful couples. The more happy couples – the more clients – the more possibilities for other singles.

Online dating

Illusions The result is the number of attempts and little luck.

Reality The result will ultimately depend only on you and from the approach you choose to find your soulmate. You can spend years on online dating meeting thousands of candidates and still never find what or who makes you happy.

Professional matchmaking

Illusions Positive results are the success criteria of the matchmaker and depends upon the quality of the agency.

Reality Positive results Include participation of three parties:
  • You
  • Your matchmaker
  • Your candidate
We are not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes that no one tells us about. Your matchmaker will be honest with you and tell you what’s going wrong and what you, yourself, can do to increase a positive personal life experience. And properly selected candidates will save you both time and significantly increase your chances.